Performance and results.

What makes Pioneer paper unique?

You’ll always receive excellent performance and the best results, no matter your printing needs. It’s a comprehensive, multifaceted portfolio with remarkable advantages.

Reliable quality.
Consistent results.

Pioneer paper is produced using wood from the Eucalyptus globulus tree. Among other benefits, its unique properties, including shorter fibres and a thicker cell wall, ensure improved paper formation and good dimensional stability.

What’s in it for you?

Looking for paper that performs consistently and reliably? Look no further. For all your printing needs, this distinctive fibre creates paper that is effective.


Outstanding thickness and stiffness.

Eucalyptus globulus offers greater machine performance in all office equipment because it has more fibres per weight unit. These enhanced qualities, such as higher bulk, avoid paper jams.

Ultra white paper. Maximum

The outcomes are significantly impacted by Pioneer’s high whiteness levels. The usage of raw materials and cutting-edge technology enables the company to produce the whitest paper available.

What’s in it for you?

Your documents need to be visually appealing. Printing flyers, postcards or presentations with vivid, dramatic colours and high contrast will make them stand out. Don’t blend in, make a statement!

Excellent sharpness on both sides.

Porosity and opacity are enhanced by Eucalyptus globulus‘ greater fibre content. More opaque paper is produced as opacity levels rise and show-through levels fall.

What’s in it for you?

For double-sided printing, superior opacity is essential because show-through is reduced. It’s ideal for a variety of demanding applications, including double-sided colour printing!

Improved surface.

Smooth surface, as opposed to rough paper, takes up a continuous ink layer, improving printing definition.
Additionally, smoothness lengthens the lifespan of office equipment.

Exceptional paper for any project.

Pioneer offers a wide selection of products for all kinds of applications.
Find the right one for you and get started on your journey to success!

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