Inspiring hope against breast cancer.

Pioneer and iMM-Laço Hub have joined forces to promote breast cancer research and strive for a healthier future.

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Working together for a cure.

Thousands of women are diagnosed with breast cancer every day, and science has a fundamental role to play in searching for effective answers and treatments, which would renew hope for a healthier future.

iMM-Laço Hub is focused on promoting scientific research into breast cancer. It seeks to contribute to treating breast cancer with greater precision and to bring us closer to the solution – a cure.

A strong partnership against breast cancer.

Pioneer and iMM-Laço Hub promote scientific research on breast cancer to find effective answers and treatments and strive for a healthier future.

Through iMM-Laço Hub, Pioneer contributes to the funding of research projects and the creation of dedicated centres with specialised teams, as well as the acquisition of breast cancer screening units and state-of-the-art diagnosis and treatment equipment.

Spreading hope and positivity with a message of support.

Every year, in Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Pioneer Paper delivers paper flowers with messages of hope to women undergoing treatment for breast cancer.

On the way to a cure.

Pioneer is a brand dedicated to women, which supported the Laço Association from 2005 to 2015, and then renewed and strengthened this fundamental support through the creation of the iMM-Laço Hub.

About iMM-Laço Hub.

iMM-Laço Hub, whose lab is located within the Institute of Molecular Medicine in Lisbon, is raising funds to support research and striving to discover the causes of breast cancer and the mechanisms which lead to metastatic breast cancer.

One of their projects is 100% supported by Pioneer and aims to induce the selective death of breast cancer cells through increased damage to DNA.

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the research team at iMM.

Dr Maria do Carmo-Fonseca
iMM President

“The attention of the group I lead has always been focused on genes, on how we can study and understand genetic alterations, and how (…).”

Dr Maria Mota
iMM Executive Director

“We need civil society to support us; we need civil society to get involved with us.”

Dr Bruno Silva Santos
iMM Vice-President

“We have to manipulate the immune system to make it completely antitumour.”

Dr Luís Costa
Director of the Oncology Department at CHLN

“In our laboratory, with relation to breast cancer, we are very focused on understanding why it is that this disease has a high propensity (…).”

Dr Célia Carvalho
Molecular testing to assess the risk of recurrence

“If we know the genetic profile of each cancer, we can provide the most appropriate treatment for each tumour.”

Dr Catarina Silveira
Tumour DNA sequencing research

“The goal is to develop techniques that are sufficiently sensitive to detect alterations in the tumoural DNA circulating in bodily fluids.”

Dr Sérgio Dias
Cell study

“More recently, we have studied the interaction between the vessels, the cancer itself, and the immune system of the host to find out how (…).”

Dr Karine Serre
Manipulation of myeloid cells

“I feel inspired by being able to study the immune system and by trying to cure one of the greatest diseases of the 21st century: cancer.”

Dr Sandra Casimiro
Research into metastatic disease

“All discoveries are important but I think that society and patients would like to have a faster answer.”

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