Pioneer 120 g.m⁻²

Pioneer 120 g.m⁻²

outstanding inspiration

For Presentations and Curriculums.

Add more colour to your life.

High quality is required for image-rich documents, and this improved paper exhibits brilliant colours and bolder blacks with exceptional opacity when used in duplex.

Packs available
A4 2 holes
A4 4 holes
Ream 500 sheets
Pack 250 sheets
Box 4 x 500 sheets
Box 8 x 250 sheets
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High-impact colour documents.

The most demanding needs require exceptional attributes.

Ultra white

Superior whiteness for brighter documents and higher print contrast.

Outstanding thickness

It runs through equipment with ease thanks to an optimal balance between rigidity and thickness.

High opacity

Its superb opacity prevents show-through in duplex printing, even when using colour.

Whiteness CIE ISO 11475
Opacity % ISO 2471
Moisture % ISO 287
Bendtsen Roughness ml/min ISO 8791/2
Thickness μm ISO 534
Bulk Thickness μm/ g.m-2  

Technical References

  • Targets only, without tolerances mentioned Basis weight g.m-2ISO 536
  • Quality Management System — ISO 9001
  • Environmental Management System — ISO 14001
  • EU Ecolabel — Environmental Excellence Label
  • FSC™ — Forest Stewardship Council™ - Chain of Custody Certification

Amazing results.

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Sustainable quality

Improving the lifetime of office equipment whilst reducing toner consumption.

Superior performance

Runs through the printer smoothly and without jams, offering outstanding runnability.

Enhanced technology

Pioneer paper is produced using state-of-the-art technology to get the most out of the raw materials.